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Don't worry Calia -- we're reading and working on connecting with the BettyC site! :)

Calia Roze

I'm very happy to hear that. These ladies have worked VERY hard on their blogs and are doing nice work. I'm sure that a few comments from the "Betty's" and a tiny amount of feedback would go very far when it comes to getting people to flood you with posts! (so that's just the educator in me talking!)

Brittany Roshelle

Great post! I was worried as well that it's a little hard to find the blog list for readers. Thanks for asking!


Yeah, how is this supposed 2 work if no one gets 2 actually see the blogs? And when they did feature the first set of blogs why did they not provide links 2 those blogs???? There should be a direct link from the main betty website 2 the blogs so they can be read.


Yeah I think the only way people read mine is if I send links to my friends, and all you other lovely bloggers!

Calia Roze

Becca and Jenna...What are your blogs called? A good idea would be to hyperlink your blog address to your name in your comments. (copy and paste the address that shows at the top of the search bar when your blog is open into the 3rd line under your email address) Notice how Brittany's and mine go to either our site or betty blog. The more comments you leave that way, the more you'll drop your link which will drive your topics higher in a google search in addition to giving other readers the opportunity to click from your comment to read your blog. So far, that's really the only way we're gonna get seen here for now. Just keep writing though. Don't get discouraged! We'll see where the betty site decides to go with this.

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