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Ahhh. I absolutely know how you feel. Except in my case it's the father. It was so hard because he was so rude to me ever since the beginning I was introduced as his girlfriend. Thing is...he gave me the silent treatment. Whenever I would say hi or bye he wouldn't even LOOK AT ME or my direction or say anything. The most I got out of him was a nod, even when I greeted him happy birthday and paid my respect. And he was also rude to my family as well. It surprised me because my dad was best friends with a guy who was a friend of his so I thought they would hit it off but in a family gathering he totally ignored my parents. @_@ I wanted to break up with my boyfriend because of that reason too but my boyfriend treated me too well and didn't want to let me go nor did he want to let his father get in the way of our love. I really loved him but I had a fragile heart. I put up with it though and I let my boyfriend know about all my feelings. So yeah, let's not let anyone get in the way of our happiness! :)


Parents just want the best for their kids. And I feel the best way to go about this, is if their kids are happy, then they should be happy for them. Some parents are just hard headed and want things to go the way they want it to go because they think they're always right. I'm glad you guys are still together. As long as you guys love each other, that's all that matters. Best of luck to the both of you

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