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Calia Roze

This sounds like a great idea. We really need to take a moment to recognize our own strengths that gain power from outside of a relationship cycle. I used to do a similar version of this with a friend of mine: "No Men Til May"...come to think of never worked out for us but that was due to the fact that deep down, we were both searching for a quality relationship that could eventually enhance our lives and not suck the energy out of our days by forcing us to analyze and anzalyze and reanalyze the reasons why what we were finding wasn't working. I think it was something that came about while the "helpers of the single girls" were coming up for reasons why we were still single: "It will happen when you're not looking", "You're closed off", "You've got to put yourself out there", "You've got to treat dating like a job!"...enough was enough. We decided to close one eye and pretend we weren't looking so it would "happen when we least expected it!"...kind of funny actually.

I think it is an amazing thing for you to take this time for yourself. You're 10 years younger than I am and have all the time in the world to make sure you won't have any regrets about missing out on your youth by passing the time under the shadow of someone else. The only advice I have for you is that you need to make sure that you don't get caught up in your role of the "off the market girl" and turn your back on Mr. Right if he presents himself during this time. You won't be letting anyone down and if he is indeed Mr. Right, you won't lose any of yourself. You will only have more to learn through someone else's eyes who are wide open to yours. (Believe me- I had been "The "30something single girl" for so long that I nearly talked myself into "the 40something annoyed and lonely girl without children!" ;)

I can't wait to hear about your fun over the next few months!
Take care,

Off Market Girl

Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight, Calia. It's encouraging to hear similar experiences as I embark on this yearlong journey, and I certainly will keep in mind your comment re: Mr. Right should he show up!

In the mean time, I look forward to following your story as well!

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