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Calia Roze

It's great that you are a casual dresser. I have to say that I fear (for you) that there is no way that you are going to stay "off the market!" In my experience, guys want a down to earth, beautiful girl who doesn't have to spend 4 hours getting ready in the perfect outfit. Actually, I've always struggled with the "casual" look. I can get ready for the country club galla in about 30 minutes...a baseball game is quite frankly another story. Finding a pair of jeans and a cute top leaves my closet in such a mess with everything off of every single hanger and on the floor that I nearly have a nervous breakdown and cancel!...as for a possible bra malfunction...I find double sided tape to be a great thing to keep in a small prada bag with you at all times!...


Because really, with the right guy, does fashion even make or break you? -- Great point!


LOL! Ur right a wardrobe malfunction is not the end of the world unless you let be!

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