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chivalry is not dead! Flowers still have their place.



men need to remember women can never have too many sweet flowers and especially for no other reason than "just because". At this point i think i would settle for a handful of dandelions, at least i could make wishes on them when they went to seed.


I totally agree, with everyone! Chivalry isn't dead, but it's sure hard to come by these days! What is -with- that?!

My guy insists he pays for dates, opens doors for me, grabs me a coffee... little things that make me smile every time I think of him. Is it too much to ask for all guys to be like that?


I'm with you--chivalry isn't dead but it's busy playing 'god of war'....
I think flowers are always a nice thought....but I'm not a big fan of the 'apology' flowers.
Great blog!


i miss the flower stage of relationships! all the effort goes into the first few months of courtship, then all romance goes out the window.

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