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OMG! This is very similar to what happened to me and my HS sweetheart(hence this week's post on my page), except it was the "other chick" who contacted me.

I went through the whole pathetisad phase and my mom literally forced me to exit my pity party, by coming into my room and demanding me to get out of bed (I had been there for days crying in the dark).

I haven’t found a new love yet, but my optimism is flourishing!

Off Market Girl

Being blindsighted is the ABSOLUTE worst. It's knocked me on my butt a few times-I'm still trying to get up from the last one! But after you survive the first time, no longer how long it takes, it does teach you that you won't die from heartache and time heals.

So wonderful that you've found your handsome teacher! Best of luck!


Thanks for sharing, girls! When you're stuck in that horrible post-breakup space, you feel like you're the only person in the whole world who ever felt that way! But we're in good company! And even long after you've healed and moved on, that's still comforting! xo


At the time a break up is the end of the world and it seems like there is no reason of living....on the way other side of 20 something (and several breakups) one thing that has helped me is to keep things in perspective....No one has died, I still have my life and you learn who your true friends are. As a caveat, I will say long distance relationships or relationship with alot of apart time can be difficult to maintain if both people are not invested. Glad it all worked out for you!

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